July News

A few things to add from the past few weeks.

First up, I’ll be back at Night People in Manchester on July 19th, this time as support for God Module and ESA. Once again, I have reduced price tickets available for this, and at just £12 they save you a whopping fiver off the on-the-door price.


Next up, t-shirts are here and they’re looking great.

Screenprinted white on black Gildan softstyle shirts, they’re £10 each (plus £3 UK postage) and are available in S, M, L and XL (2XL ones already sold out I’m afraid).


SPECIAL OFFER: Ticket and a t-shirt for £20

Buy your God Module ticket from me, and get a t-shirt for £8, saving £2 off the full price, and collect at the show, saving on postage too.

And an updated 2019 show listing, with Reading and London added too. Excited about the rest of the year. Keep an eye out for the single release imminently, ahead of the album near the end of September. Here’s a very sneaky peek at the almost-finished mix.


June News

Having emerged from what was an intense as hell, but utterly fantastic weekend, I’m bloody glad that I booked the start of the week off work. Currently back at home decompressing and reflecting over the entire weekend.

God. Where to begin? Chronologically?

Friday, then.

I was booked to support Zanias and Buzz Kull at Manchester’s Night People. I’ve been nervy about this one for weeks, but it all turned out to be unfounded. Both headliners were some of the nicest people I’ve met – even more impressive when you know someone’s on a travelling tour and is probably pretty damn tired. The soundcheck went smoothly (completing over an hour before doors), the early crowd number was pretty decent, and I had some great feedback from all parties. It was probably the best show I’ve performed to date, I’m feeling completely at ease up there on stage, and I’m absolutely gagging to do it again soon.


Saturday, Manchester indie record label Analogue Trash were celebrating their tenth birthday, and oh, did we celebrate. Some of us a little too enthusiastically *cough*

Every band absolutely killed it, amazing bunch of talented people, and for the second night in a row I got to parade the stage, this time doing guest vocals on a track for St Lucifer.

Photo credits for the Def Neon and St Lucifer shots to Mark Lawrence, and to David Fox for the Still Forever ones.

After a Sunday of recovery, Monday was time for the big Foundations Festival reveal. We’ve put a tonne of work into this over the past months, and I genuinely think that the lineup we’ve crafted is absolutely fantastic. I won’t be playing, but I do have a video installation piece in the works for exhibition on the Saturday.


To top that off, we’ve also announced a Foundations ‘Preview’ event, in Bristol, a month ahead of the main event. I’ll be playing a set at this, alongside Foundations live acts St Lucifer and Caffeine Kill, with special guests Fourth Engine.


And to top off the weekend, I’ve been asked to play at event in Manchester on July 4th. It’s a book launch at The Castle. Full event listing here.

So, I think that wraps it up for now. Hope to see you at an event very soon.


Live Dates 2019

Excited to announce the next few confirmed dates for 2019. There’s a few more still to add, but here’s where we are so far.

June 14th, I’m delighted to be opening for the outstanding Zanias at Manchester’s Night People. I do have cheaper £10 tickets for this, which I can either hand to you directly in Manchester, or post out to you free of charge. If you’d like one, you can send payment easily via Paypal at paypal.me/stillforever – be sure to include postage details in your message, or email details to me at stoodstillforever@gmail.com.

Next up, November 30th, with the amazing 243 Ida who blew me away at Foundations 2018, and supporting the increasingly epic Vieon who will be playing a massive set. Tickets for this one are strictly limited, in a wonderfully intimate venue, so get on that stat. 

Possibly the last for the year will be the final date on St Lucifer‘s Music is Violence tour (and have you fucking SEEN that lush red vinyl?? Check out track nine, featuring vocals from your truly) What we haven’t told you is, it’ll also be the final date on the tour for my own new album, Holocene Shift, due for release in September 2019. I’ve just finished mix work on the second lead single, Beautiful Impossible (allegedly already a live favourite), and I’m so fucking excited about sharing this album with you. Expect something rather different from Atemporal, and a tour throughout autumn/winter to complement it.




Massive Update

It’s been, oh, nearly a year. Great.

In my defence I’ve been super busy and this whole music thing suddenly got waaaay more exciting once I started getting my ass up on a stage and performing all those sounds I’ve been keeping tucked away in a studio.

So, where were we? June? Riiight.

Ok. Somewhere in February 2018, I co-wrote a song for FAWM 2018 with a friend. Long story short, that ended up as a track on his band’s new album, and at the first gig showcasing the new St Lucifer lineup, I got up on stage with them to do guest vocals for it. It was bloody ace.

So there was that.

Moving on.

Having never performed a show solo in my life, it might have been sensible to play a few tiny gigs to five or six people first. Find my footing. Get used to it a bit?


Early December saw me opening Foundations Festival 2018 in Manchester. I was fucking terrified. But it went brilliantly. The room was full, the crowd mostly stuck around, and I enjoyed myself immensely. I came off stage to a tonne of amazing feedback and – bonus – had the rest of the festival to,  ah, drown those nerves.

Next up, a little over a month later, saw the Valentine Records Returns ‘new blood’ gig at The Eagle Inn, Salford, and being amongst that new blood, I again opened the evening – followed by Pandaemonium and Val\Kyrie, with a Dirty Mice DJ set between and afterwards.

Nerves settling. We’re landing this thing. Conditions stable, runway clear.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I released an album. It’s here, and here, depending on your streaming site of choice. This had actually been ready to go for a year, but with various life changes, craziness, breakups, breakdowns, moving, travelling and all sorts, it got postponed for a while.

Then, a month later, I released the first single from the next album (due date as yet unclear, but it’s written, some of it’s mixed, and it just needs a little attention and a lot of swearing). In the meantime, here’s that single.

Most recently, it was playing Beat Cancer Reading that I think really-truly-irrevocably gave me the performance bug. Everything felt right. I knew my setup better, my tunes better, I knew what to expect and what was expected. My raised confidence level onstage, I think, was clear too. Although the smoke machine helped. “Hi guyys, I can’t see any of you!” Thanks for being a noisy crowd, helps to at least hear someone’s there. Lot to be said for smoke machines and moody goffick types though, people got some really ace pictures. There’s a great review of the evening here if you fancy a read.

Anyway. In terms of live dates, there’s two rock solid and in the diary – one in Leeds, one in Manchester (well, Salford). Leeds is happening on Wednesday April 10th at Bad Apples, from 7pm onwards, and includes Smothercare, Machine Wraith and St Lucifer. November’s show is support for Vieon, alongside 243 Ida, and will be at The Eagle Inn (although get yourself sorted for that one sharpish, it’s a 50 capacity venue, so tickets are limited.)

There’s a couple more still to announce too, but I’ll save that for another post, in the very near future.

Massive thanks to Simon, Dani, Jade, Andi and David for the photos, and to Mark and GedCamera for the video footage.




I’ve been trying to keep on top of new releases a bit this year, more so than usual, although I’ve fallen behind a bit over the past month, so I have some catching up to do.

Spotify is easy enough to keep track of, but increasingly, bands are using other platforms, so I need to organise my bandcamp/soundcloud/other finds into some sort of list.

For now, here’s the Spotify list I’ve been keeping more or less up to date.


While we’re here, this collaborative playlist, started by Nature of Wires‘ Gary Watts, has some pretty great tunes in it.


And this was one I made in lieu of an “influences” list, a while back.

New Year, New Ideas, New Album

Four days into 2018 and already a lot has started happening. The upshot of which is the album I’ve been pretty idly working on for a few months now needs to be completed relatively sharpish, so that’s become my major priority for now. Alongside the small matter of actually learning to perform all this noise in the very near future. Which is exciting, but also fairly terrifying.


Here’s a couple of small snippets from a few of the tracks in progress that will [probably] make it onto the release. Excuse the shoddy sound quality, quick n’ dirty recordings from my phone next to a monitor.


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One of several current works in progress.

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