March News

There's a few updates on here for upcoming events, in London, Cardiff and Manchester, so definitely take a glance at those. The biggest news right now is, of course, the upcoming release of my second album, Holocene Shift. There's been a few unavoidable delays, mostly surrounding my permanent move over to Manchester and a change… Continue reading March News

Progress Notes #1

It's probably a "well, duh" moment, but it's occurred to me that the reason I've learned music stuff relatively quickly, is precisely because I'm happy to throw out half finished stuff, ideas, and whatnot, without concern for quality control at this stage. Which means that if there's something wrong somewhere, or something isn't working, or… Continue reading Progress Notes #1

FAWM Time, Again

Well, despite having plans to keep this updated with my progress and discoveries across the past year, clearly I didn't. Now, I'm 8 days into my second FAWM, and since I'm currently slightly ahead of schedule, thought it was high time to post something on here. Getting started with anything is always where I struggle.… Continue reading FAWM Time, Again