June News

Having emerged from what was an intense as hell, but utterly fantastic weekend, I’m bloody glad that I booked the start of the week off work. Currently back at home decompressing and reflecting over the entire weekend.

God. Where to begin? Chronologically?

Friday, then.

I was booked to support Zanias and Buzz Kull at Manchester’s Night People. I’ve been nervy about this one for weeks, but it all turned out to be unfounded. Both headliners were some of the nicest people I’ve met – even more impressive when you know someone’s on a travelling tour and is probably pretty damn tired. The soundcheck went smoothly (completing over an hour before doors), the early crowd number was pretty decent, and I had some great feedback from all parties. It was probably the best show I’ve performed to date, I’m feeling completely at ease up there on stage, and I’m absolutely gagging to do it again soon.


Saturday, Manchester indie record label Analogue Trash were celebrating their tenth birthday, and oh, did we celebrate. Some of us a little too enthusiastically *cough*

Every band absolutely killed it, amazing bunch of talented people, and for the second night in a row I got to parade the stage, this time doing guest vocals on a track for St Lucifer.

Photo credits for the Def Neon and St Lucifer shots to Mark Lawrence, and to David Fox for the Still Forever ones.

After a Sunday of recovery, Monday was time for the big Foundations Festival reveal. We’ve put a tonne of work into this over the past months, and I genuinely think that the lineup we’ve crafted is absolutely fantastic. I won’t be playing, but I do have a video installation piece in the works for exhibition on the Saturday.


To top that off, we’ve also announced a Foundations ‘Preview’ event, in Bristol, a month ahead of the main event. I’ll be playing a set at this, alongside Foundations live acts St Lucifer and Caffeine Kill, with special guests Fourth Engine.


And to top off the weekend, I’ve been asked to play at event in Manchester on July 4th. It’s a book launch at The Castle. Full event listing here.

So, I think that wraps it up for now. Hope to see you at an event very soon.


New Year, New Ideas, New Album

Four days into 2018 and already a lot has started happening. The upshot of which is the album I’ve been pretty idly working on for a few months now needs to be completed relatively sharpish, so that’s become my major priority for now. Alongside the small matter of actually learning to perform all this noise in the very near future. Which is exciting, but also fairly terrifying.


Here’s a couple of small snippets from a few of the tracks in progress that will [probably] make it onto the release. Excuse the shoddy sound quality, quick n’ dirty recordings from my phone next to a monitor.


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One of several current works in progress.

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